p3 Agency maintains a low-cost software development center in New Jersey to provide a domestic outsourcing facility for p3 Agency's clients.

Each client may define its own server, connectivity, and services requirements. Each client's data and programs will be securely isolated from any other client's and from the low-cost development center's own network.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, p3 Agency offers a number of other advantages, such as:

  • Choice of on-shore ( New Jersey ) or off-shore ( Belarus or India ) development center
  • Pool of flexible, scalable project teams and resources
  • Comprehensive project management proficiency
  • Integrated project management system (IPMS) that ensures predictable delivery, effective client communication, and superior product quality
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery/redundancy plans to ensure that your valuable data is protected
  • Fixed-price project option

Our knowledgeable staff has the expertise to optimize your system's availability, improve its performance, scale solutions to meet your organization's changing business requirements, and leverage today's technologies at considerable savings

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